Patients suffering from coronavirus are being offered treatment for recovery in just Rs.20, 000- Rs 50,000 by Niswaarth Hospital, headed by Dr.Mahabali Singh and his wife Dr.Jyoti Singh

• The couple has reserved their two other private hospitals (Nalasopara East) and Star Hospital (Nalasopara West) for treatment of patients suffering from coronavirus.

• Till at present, their medical services have enabled recovery of 1100 patients.

• The noble endeavour has secured support of Vasai region MLA Hitendra Thakur and social worker Jeetu Shah

• Jivandani Trust is offering a free accommodation arrangement to Corona patients

• Niswarth hospital is offering this medical treatment to Corona patients mainly for

Vasai Virar: 14th September 2020: Dr.Mahabali Singh and his wife Dr Jyoti Singh reside with their 8 and 7 year old son in Regal Complex, Nalasopara (east). The couple has been dedicatedly engaged in the treatment of Corona patients from the time of the corona crisis began to unfold in Mumbai, i.e. in April 2020. They got reserved two of their hospitals; Niswarth hospital and star hospital, in early April with permission and support from Vasai Virar city Municipal Corporation Dr.Mahabali Singh along with his fellow doctors are engaged in treatment of corona patients even in his third hospital.

As the number of corona patients surge across the country and the number of positive cases reach 39 lac marks, there is panic and confusion among the countrymen. Even today, the number of positive cases is rising and in such a situation, getting corona treatment for the patients is becoming increasingly difficult. There is also concern of the Corona patients who come for treatment in different hospitals and health clinics.

Despite strict and fixed amounts of corona treatment, the private hospitals across the country are charging exorbitant fees for treatment of such cases. Keeping this into consideration, Dr.Mahabali Singh has attempted to address both the cost and due care for patients. The total fee for treatment at his hospitals comes between 20 to 50 thousand, which undoubtedly is very nominal when compared with any other hospitals treating patients suffering from the same infectious virus

There is no fee being levied on the corona patients on PPE kits during their treatment at the Niswarth hospital, located at the Virar (West) Mangalmurti lane. Patients showing symptoms of corona whose condition is severe and who need to be given oxygen are being charged only Rs 3.5 k on a daily basis, which amounts to just 35,000 in 10 days. As per guidelines issued by the State health division, private hospitals may charge up to Rs. 7000 per day for treating corona patients. This amounts to a total of rs 70,000 in 10 days!

Dr. Singh’s hospitals are levying only Rs 5,000 from the corona patients who need a ventilator. This amounts to 50000 thousand on the use of a ventilator for 10 days! According to the guidelines of the Department of Health, in the need of a ventilator, the private hospital may charge up to Rs. 9000, which comes as Rs. 90,000 for 10 days! The doctors at his hospitals selflessly advise with minor symptoms of corona to undertake home quarantine! The treatment costs for such patients range from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000, which is of the range of money spent for treating diseases like dengue, malaria and typhoid!

Dr. Singh firmly believes that corona patients should be offered treatment at a low and affordable price. Regardless of all doctors and medical staff at his hospitals being wary of the disease, they are dedicatedly working on his vision! All the workers working in the hospital are afraid of the Furthermore, he and his wife are doing counselling of patients who are infected with the disease, so that upon recovery they may donate antibodies in the body to patients severely infected with the deadly disease.