Summary: Considering the revenue in banana producing sector, wholesale suppliers and producers are in huge demand.

A large number of people think that banana fruit grows on trees but banana is a high herb which grows up to 15 metres. Over 1000 different varieties of bananas grows all across the globe, they are also divided into 50 groups.

Make a note; some are sweet like the Cavendish variety which comes under the category of most common and widely exported. To be more specific, bananas include a major portion of the export revenues for many Latin American and Caribbean countries.

For banana producers companies, they have emerged as an essential source of income and employment for many households. It serves as a source of nutrition and food security for more than 400 million people in producer countries.

Only 15 to 20% of the world’s banana production is traded on international level. Remember, India as the largest producer exports nothing, Brazil exports a little bit and they keep bananas for the domestic market.

Bananas have a major role to play in the growing power of supermarkets along with global supply chains. Whether it’s about Banana importers Hamburg or any other location, the concerned food production and trade is dominated by leading companies.

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