Today the first applicant for ICU IN AMERIKA presented a short clip: PERSPECTIVE.

Indeed this contribution gives a new perspective on Art. In less than four minutes you see real art that will be in the servers of Amerika. Amerika is in Saxony, a tiny village. Amerika has no beach. KISMA lives in New Port Beach, a village having the most famous beach in California. So KISMA is in America, right? But KISMA suffers, all the inhabitants of New Port Beach suffer. The area is on lockdown. Corona is the reason, we know it. All art exhibitions are postponed for indefinite time.

KISMA Reidling is a painter and art teacher. She will be part of AMERIKA. Real art in a real world. We know Amerika is real. Counted yesterday, the posting “I C U in AMERIKA” hit the mark of 5,000 entries. This entry was about that the art year 2020 is about to collapse and what I C U in AMERIKA can do against it. It can make real Art made by KISMA happen worldwide. Watch the video and apply.

About the Call
The Call “I C U in Amerika” comes from Leipzig Art. Leipzig is listed by NY Times under the best “52 places to go in 2020.” The distance from Leipzig to Amerika is less than 40 miles. Quite a jump for “The Kids Cool Town” (another name NY Times gave Leipzig) to have a server now in Amerika.
Applications for “I C U in Amerika” are open for 2022. They will be part of LEIPZIG.ART 2022.