May 15, 2020: LSoft Technologies is delighted to announce the launch of a new release of its popular partition recovery software Active@ Partition Recovery. Version 20 brings lots of exciting new features and improvements. Chief among these is added recovery support for Apple’s latest ApFS file system. The update also provides improved recovery for the ReFS file system to give users a higher chance than ever of getting their lost data back in one piece. The new recovery kernel includes many minor improvements, such as support for new predefined file signatures – Ancestral Quest (AQ), WPS Office documents and LibreOffice documents.

Why us partition recovery software?

Active@ Partition Recovery is designed to recover files and data from any deleted or damaged partitions. You can also recover individual files using the powerful search function which lets you search for files of specific formats. When you delete a partition on your hard drive or any other storage media, the only thing that changes in the first instance is the file table. However, the original partitions, along with their files, remain intact until something else overwrites them. It’s usually very quick and easy to recover a partition which has been accidentally deleted.

Active@ Partition Recovery 20 supports all mainstream file systems and storage media types, including IDE, SATA, eSATA, RAID, USB, SCSI, and RAID drives. It’s the ideal solution to use if you accidentally delete a partition when you’re installing a new operating system. For example, if you run multiple operating systems on your computer, you will need a partition for each one. However, deleting a partition belonging to one operating system is often easy to do by mistake, since there probably won’t be any warnings. However, Active@ Partition Recovery provides a powerful recovery engine and a simple wizard-driven interface to help you get back what you’ve lost in minimal time. Try it out today at .