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QR codes can be added to almost anything, either printed out or on a website or mobile app. Since scanners are built into virtually every modern phone, they offer a wide range of uses in marketing, customer support and more. They’re also trackable, just like any other kind of digital data, and they make things easier for end users who want to scan in something like a web link or application download rather than have to type it in manually. The challenge, however, lies in adding this functionality to your own projects so that it can dynamically display QR codes. For developers using the C# or Visual Basic .NET programming languages, the answer lies in a simple package called C# QR Code Generator, which lets you add the functionality with just one line of code.

C# QR Code Generator (by lets developers effortlessly integrate both QR codes and traditional barcodes into their projects. It supports a wide range of industry-leading standards including UPC A/E, EAN 8/13, Code 39/93/128, ITF, MSI, RSS 14/Expanded, Databar, CodaBar, QR, Styled QR, Data Matrix, MaxiCode, PDF417, Plessey and Aztec. It also features error-correction to help read distorted or poor-quality images. However, the most important thing to most developers will be the fact that creating, styling and exporting QR codes can usually be achieved with one line of code. However, other features let you save images as PDF or HTML, verify your codes, add a logo, read or write binary data and more.

To get started, take a look at the tutorial at: