Seatronx is the industry’s leading manufacturer, designer, and distributor of rugged electronics equipment based in Las Vegas. Seatronx is the proud distributor for NSI providing waterproof keyboard and waterproof trackball specialists. Thus it delivers optimal solutions for marine, medical, industrial, and other applications. The different types of keyboards are as follows:

Compact LED-Backlit Desktop Keyboard:
It is a 103 backlit keyboard that has a multi-functional layout. It has separate numerical and control keypads that are unique from others. It is IP67 sealed keyboard with the LED’s providing high brightness and low power consumption. It does not require any external power supply as the keyboard port power is sufficient for its functioning. It is crafted with polystyrene enclosure.

Food Keyboard with Touchpad:
This keyboard is designed specially to work in harsh conditions in the food processing industry. The presence of both cold environment and hot cleaning water is one of the most challenging environments for electronic devices to work properly. Usage of the touchscreen looked like a better solution but it has its own limitations. So these keyboards are built around a new concept that integrates the experience of NSI that will give you a reliable and stable solution.

Food Keyboard with trackball:
This keyboard is crafted specifically to function in harsh environmental conditions. As the name implies, this keyboard has a 38 mm laser waterproof trackball in it. The trackball can be removed and placed with ease for maintenance purposes. It is IP65 sealed keyboard and has a waterproof breathable membrane on the backside. The optimal design helps to reduce the contamination effect.

Silicone Rubber Desktop Keyboard with Trackball:
It is a 92 key backlit compact rubber keyboard with integrated waterproof 25mm trackball and scroll function. The rubber keys present in the keyboard helps to clean it efficiently, reduces disinfection time, and protects it from contamination. The backlit keys work efficiently in low-light environments. It also has a non-backlit version. The LED consumes much less power and lasts longer.

Seatronx is a premium manufacturer, designer, and distributor of rugged electronics for marine, military, and industrial applications. The products include keyboards, cameras, panel PC’s, tablets, CCTV systems, and trackballs. All the products are of high quality with unprecedented performance. Also, the products are manufactured according to the industry standards to meet user expectations. For more details about industrial keyboards visit,

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