A new book by Jonathan Towers, advisor in the Universal Laws, provides a timely and much-needed resource for men who seek to understand how male stereotypes are limiting them from discovering Love, Joy, and Happiness in their daily life.

The book, Manish Towers On Archaisms: Liberating Masculine Presumptions Through Enrichment of Inner Self, offers a journey of self-discovery through the discussions of thirteen male stereotypes, known as Missives, and how they impact a man’s ability to find positivity in their life. This book uses stories from Jonathan’s upbringing to demonstrate the impact these stereotypes had on him, as well as the thought processes he has practiced to overcome them.

“The male species is confused about the role they are expected to perform within the culture, home, and relationships. In the pre-1960’s there were clearly defined duties between a man and a woman. As the years progressed, as women’s rights blossomed and employment opportunities shifted from blue collar to office worker, the labor assignments between the genders saw a dramatic, ill-defined transformation.”

Towers asserts that men are lost between the understanding of their own desires and living up to male standards expected from society. In this assertion he reviews thirteen stereotypes that are no longer warranted in becoming who you desire to be, yet we still struggle to realize in our daily life. Through an understanding in the Universal Laws, men can escape from the mental anguish and focus on self-improvement, removing from them the need to fit in, instead centralizing on Love, Joy, and Happiness in all that they do.

This book helps men realize how their upbringing and current thought processes are a detriment to living the best life possible. It works to introduce and educate men on the Universal Laws, how they operate, and how the understanding of them can assist in guiding them into a place of personal enjoyment of life.

Men will learn that they are not alone, that there are many of us who feel as if we don’t fit in to what society expects a man to be. That falling out of herd mentality is not a negative to their life, but instead a positive towards defining that which they want to become. We all live and exist for one purpose only, positive emotions. Anything that goes against this does nothing but generate harm to self.

This book answers questions such as:
• Why are male stereotypes harmful?
• What are the Universal Laws?
• How can I discover happiness in my life?

Manish Towers On Archaisms: Liberating Masculine Presumptions Through Enrichment of Inner Self should be the go to book for men seeking to escape the confines of male stereotypes in society, moving, instead, towards positivity in all that they are. It is available through Amazon.com as an e-book or paperback, with an audiobook in development.

To learn more visit https://www.amazon.com/Jonathan-Towers/e/B08819T2Y7?ref_=dbs_p_ebk_r00_abau_000000 or http://www.manishtowers.com.