(29th June, 2020): Stein & Zeigel ranks as the top grade manufacturer, importer and wholesaler of natursteinverblender. These bricks are created with an aim to enhance the appearance of existing and new buildings at large. It offers a wide range of stone classing including steinpaneele, facing stones that offer a world of opportunities for both interior and exterior space. The stones are created by complying with the best industry standards and to ensure the most robust technology in place.

The extensive range of naturstein verblender is beneficial for all projects, including small and large spaces such as a hotel façade or other commercial buildings. The manufacturers also offer thickness bricks along with rear ventilated sandsteinplatte facades. ‘We deal with wholesale supply for the entire market, from new construction projects to large commercial projects and we have been doing this for over a decade now. Get in touch with us to acquire the best quote for the steinverblender’, as said by the Marketing Head at Stein & Zeigel.

About Stein & Zeigel:

Stein & Zeigel is a wholesaler, manufacturer and importer of natural stone and brick facing bricks and serve all market segments at large.

For more information, feel free to browse https://www.naturstein-verblender.de/