BuilderSYS is a set of software modules designed to assist contractors with project management. There are many free modules available, but you can also register to gain access to the more powerful paid ones. All modules work together to help users build a customized workspace that works for their business and project types.

BuilderSYS sets the industry standard in plan viewing and advanced takeoff software. This allows construction managers and estimators to view takeoff plans and CAD output files. From there, they can easily calculate the cost and quantity of the materials need. They can take measurements, count the objects, and calculate areas and volumes quickly and accurately.

Another free module helps contractors with estimating. Contractors can use is to prepare a detailed bill of materials, as well as abstract estimates including costs of materials and labor for residential buildings and low-rise commercial properties. The app also prepares tenders, variations, cost abstracts, bills, and lets users generate and approve purchase orders.

The third free model is for managing the workforce. This jobs management tool has features including job details, remarks, task progress, customer details, and contract details. It’s a complete document library for every document related to a project. This offers a convenient and accessible way to keep track of everything.

There are many premium modules available as well, which are free until the end of 2020 and then cost AU$59.95 or US$49.95 per job thereafter. These modules enable full project management and automation. There are training materials on the website to help users get started with key operations like communications, project scheduling, supplier instructions, and payments.

BuilderSYS provides the full range of key software tools for contracting firms. It helps reduce costs and wastage with accurate estimates and orders. It streamlines compliance and communications, and provides a simple way to ensure a high standard of customer relationship management. Give the free modules a try today at .