Sportsmen in every sport always train hard and give their best to outperform their opponents and excel in the sports and in these events they often get injured. Sometimes the injuries are so bad that it’s heartbreaking to see when athletes’ seasons get cut short because of injuries.

Many injured players will do whatever it takes to get back on the field of action. However, by following the guidance of qualified medical experts such as Dr. Kandil who is a orthopediatrician and medicine specialist in Dubai, they can do it safely.

For athletes, the Dr. Kandil has the Orthopaedic clinic in dubai is a good option for a professional in sports medicine. He is an accomplished doctor and a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment or surgeries of accidents and illnesses that affect athletes. One can consult him using his website for arthroscopic hip surgery dubai, arthroscopic knee surgery dubai, arthroscopic shoulder surgery dubai, and so forth.

Dr. Kandill has suggested following guidelines to keep athletes safe and injury-free.

Drinking water and nutrient-rich sports beverages help reduce muscle cramps, nausea and other possibly severe health issues. Don’t wait for you to feel thirsty. It might be too late.
According to mr. Kandil the body releases a sensation of pain, typically when something is incorrect. Playing with pain is not inspiring or effective, which may lead to more severe injuries.
Consult your doctor before the start of the season. The pre-season physical test may sound like a bother, but it can expose health problems such as allergies and asthma and may entail the treatment of a specialist.
Make sure you have the best kit that’s damaged-free and up-to – date. The use of proper equipment increases health and performance.
It’s necessary to brace muscles and joints for the exertion that demands competitive play. Stretching out and muscle group is important.
Engage in low-impact workouts, such as cycling or any practice swings or throws, to warm up muscles and joints until you play and to cool down after you play. Proper heating and cooling help shield the muscles from strains and pulls.

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Dr. Kandil carries with him over 15 years of outstanding success experience in the areas of orthopedics and sports medicine. He has worked in a number of prestigious orthopedic institutions in Germany, Dubai and Egypt. Dr. Kandil is an authority consulted by a range of prominent UAE national team professional swimmers, basketball players, cyclists, golfers, football players, cricket players, footballers including the legendary Diego MARADONA and ZIDANE and local sports clubs.

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