Steel & Pipes for Africa – Cape Town has been supplying South African industries and markets with steel, structural tubing, fencing and hardware tools since 2001. In order to maintain their label as Cape Town’s leading steel supplier, the company has the business concept of a one-stop shop where all clients and customers, ranging from the avid DIYer to emerging contractors, can find the products and tools they need to successfully and effectively complete their projects.

As a result of Steel & Pipes for Africa’s flexibility and extensive product range, the company is able to supply a wide variety of industries and markets, including the construction, security, signage, fencing, agriculture, truck and trailer, drilling and furniture industries, to name a few.

Different industries will have different requirements, whether for structural steel, tubing, fencing or hardware. These product categories will be discussed further below.

Depending on the steel profile, Steel & Pipes for Africa produces them in either an S35JR or commercial grade. The profiles supplied and manufactured by the company include lip channels, angles, flat bars, round and square bars, re-enforcing bars, sheets and plates, etc.

Structural Tubing
The tubing supplied by Steel & Pipes for Africa can fall into one of the two following categories, namely mechanical tubing or structural tubing. Square tubing, round tubing, rectangular tubing, galvanised round tubing and cold rolled tubes have a variety of uses in several different industries.

Steel & Pipes for Africa is the leading fencing supplier in the Western Cape. While the company offers both Palisade fencing and Betafencing, the type used will be determined by the security requirements of the property.

The extensive range of hardware products supplied by Steel & Pipes for Africa makes the company a popular destination for one-stop shopping. Their industrial and security hardware includes cuttings discs, welding rods, mig wires, gate kits, wall spikes, locks and galvanised threaded rods, to name a few.

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About the Company
Steel & Pipes for Africa – Cape Town forms part of a national network that was established in 1993. The Cape Town branch was opened in 2001 and, since then, has grown into one of the most preferred suppliers of steel.

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Cape Town, 7475, South Africa
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