Eelink GPT46 GPS Tracker is a waterproof and battery-powered GPS tracker. The GPT46 GPS tracker device is ideal for vehicles, containers, and construction equipment as the device is easy to install and provides instant movement alerts.

Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co Ltd, a leading China-based GPS tracking device, IoT device, IoT sensor manufacturer, announced a new GPT46 GPS Tracker. This new battery-powered GPS Tracker with IOT-NB2 CAT M1 technology is ideal for tracking the position of moving objects such as vehicles, containers, or construction equipment. According to the company representative, Apple Ke, the company has been producing and manufacturing a wide range of IoT solutions, including IoT GPS device for asset since 2004. Their new GPT46 GPS tracker device is versatile and can endure various weather conditions.

GPT46 GPS tracker makes ideal equipment for assets, including containers, cargos, trucks, electric motors, and apps IoT applications. Those assets are required to be continuously tracked for safety and management, both indoor and outdoor. For outdoor, it utilizes GNSS or Global Navigation Satellite System and indoor it utilizes IoT and WIFI network. The IoT network LTE CAT M1/NB2 is based on a GPS tracker. It allows seamless tracking of assets at all times (location updates every 5 minutes). The device uses GNSS interchangeably to constantly track the location of the asset, including locations in the US.

GPS trackers play an important role in logistics and asset protection. The device helps customers to achieve transparent management, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure safety. Utilizing a flexible location tracking on vehicle and construction equipment will make all asset management done with minimal data. GPT46 plays its role as an IoT GPS tracker for construction equipment as it features five years standby time powered by an internal rechargeable battery. It is also ideal for a range of tracking applications that require real-time monitoring as well as IOT LTE CATm1/NB2 networks on multiple bands for operations in the USA with a fallback to GPRS.

“We strive to provide innovative products and solutions for the transportation and construction equipment business. Our products are developed with the best industry standards to suit local as well as international markets,” said the company representative.

As a leading IoT sensors manufacturers, Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co Ltd offers a wide range of vehicle tracking and communication solutions including GPS tracking software, Cellular Asset Tracking, IOT hardware, IoT solutions, Vehicle and fleet tracking device, Cargo Container tracking, Motorcycle tracking, IoT Device, and IoT Sensor.

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