One of the fastest-growing ecommerce platforms, Builderfly, is conducting its fifth live webinar for businesses of all sizes, shape, and kind. The generic motto of the Builderfly webinars is to give a visual understanding of each stage of creating an online store. This webinar will aim at the payment and shipping options provided in Builderfly. The host for the webinar, Mrs. Justina Jibin, will be taking the audience through the process of choosing a payment as well as a shipping option that suits their business the best. After the visual explanation, the host will be giving a live Q&A window, wherein the participants will get to raise queries regarding the webinar to the host. The queries will be answered instantly; and in adverse conditions, the participants can reach out to Builderfly experts through the live chat from
The title for this webinar is “What are the right ways to add payment and shipping method in Builderfly?” The webinar will be conducted on 20th June 2020 from 5:00 PM (IST) till 5:30 PM (IST). Any individuals, retailers, or wholesale sellers can attend the webinar by registering via All the registered participants shall receive the link to join the webinar, the ID, and the password. The participants must click on the link and enter the ID and password on Saturday, 20th June at 5:00 PM. The host shall soon accept the joining request and the webinar will be started.
After attending this webinar, the participants shall be thorough with the following steps in selling online with Builderfly:
 The direct and indirect payment options available with Builderfly.
 The details required to add a direct payment option.
 The way to add an indirect payment option.
 The integrated and inbuilt shipping options in Builderfly.
 The method to add an inbuilt shipping option.
 The tips required to manage the payment and shipping options in Builderfly.

About Builderfly

With Builderfly, one can sell your products to the targeted customers seamlessly with the right marketing strategies as well as set higher business goals. Some major benefits of building an online business with Builderfly are that there is absolutely No Transaction Fee and one can enjoy an iOS and Android mobile application for free along with the website. However, the Startup Plan is focused to ignite the online business and therefore, you cannot create a mobile app. Moreover, all the other subscriptions plans offer a free mobile app along with the website. Builderfly is professionally designed for sellers of all ages. One can build a brand new online store as well as integrate data from an already existing online store. The pricing plans of Builderfly are crafted for all businesses irrespective of its development stage.
Visit, explore the exclusive features and give wings to your business by attending this free webinar right from the comfort of your home. At all stages of business, Builderfly is the right partner.

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