Naperville, Ill. – June 6, 2020 – Infogix, a leading provider of data management solutions, today launched a significant advancement to its leading data intelligence platform, Data360®, making it the only automated data lineage solution that adds business knowledge around the meaning of data.

Until now, data management platforms only showed data users lineage through data location and technical meaning. Infogix’s newest enhancement takes data leaders far beyond traditional lineage capabilities by delivering a 360-degree augmented-view of a company’s data landscape. This includes data’s business meaning, how it’s used and how it impacts the organization, supplying data context and knowledge and significantly enhancing data trust and understanding for all data users across the enterprise.

“Delivering dependable, easily understandable data to users across the enterprise in a meaningful way is the biggest industry challenge,” said Emily Washington, executive vice president of product management at Infogix. “Data360’s powerful upgrade ensures all business and technical users benefit from one central knowledge source for immediate and accurate information about their data lineage.”

In addition, this update redefines Infogix’s data catalog with integrated and competitive metadata and lineage ingestion. These capabilities automatically profile and discover data patterns and descriptors to infer lineage and relationships with business assets, measure knowledge impact and bring the information directly into the catalog. Data users can quickly connect data assets to a wide array of business outcomes and use cases.

All part of Infogix’s innovation-driven plan to reimagine how data users fully grasp the flow and dependencies of their data, the new capability delivers:

•Comprehensive technical and business view of an organization’s data lineage, dramatically improving efficiency, streamlining workflows and accelerating productivity.
•Detailed inventory of data assets, knowledge, policies, objectives, metrics, processes, standards, rules and glossaries.
•Easily accessible, searchable and trustworthy business knowledge catalog that includes what information is available, where it comes from and its technical and business meaning.
•Complete picture of the data’s journey and transformations.
•End-to-end automated data lineage, data quality and data knowledge across all data siloes and data systems.
•Browsable, curated repository of assets and knowledge that helps organizations derive business-ready data, with greater precision and speed.
•Enhanced user experience and functionality that requires little to no maintenance.
•No code functionality that allows users to simply locate and discover information – an unprecedented feature that historically was not offered by any data provider.
•Absolute confidence in data quality around analytical models.

“Infogix’s customer-centric Data360 platform is the only business intuitive solution that provides answers to ever-growing data questions in real-time by clicking on terms to find detailed business knowledge, without IT intervention,” said Washington. “Users can have complete confidence knowing that the business knowledge possessed by data users is protected and preserved throughout the organization even after a user exits the organization.”

To learn more about Infogix’s industry-leading Data360’s automated data lineage features, and to get a full 360-degree of your company’s data landscape, visit or @infogix.

About Infogix, Inc.
In Infogix’s fourth decade as an industry pioneer, the company continues to provide large and mid-market companies around the globe with a broad range of integrated and configurable tools to govern, manage and use data. From operations and the office of data to sales, from product and customer service to marketing—users across the entire organization rely on Infogix’s software to remove barriers to data access, accelerate time to insight, increase operational efficiency and confidently trust business decisions. Infogix’s best-in-class retention rate is proof of its customer-centric focus as a partner to thrive in today’s complex data-driven economy. To learn more, visit or @Infogix.