Burlington, MA, June 16, 2020 – SoftInWay, Inc. announced today the latest release of AxSTREAM ION for use both inside and outside the realm of turbomachinery engineering. The release marks the next step in a move towards complete workflow digitization and automation to shorten project times and lower manpower demands through use of digital twin technology and AI.

AxSTREAM ION has 4 core functions: program integration and automation, multi-disciplinary optimization, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and complete digital twin capabilities. AxSTREAM ION enables users to transfer data to and from different software programs automatically, iterating between design and analysis steps for new product development as well as visualize the digital version of a machine to investigate reliability and equipment aging against real world conditions. This provides engineering teams with additional capacity to work on new, cutting edge concepts and evaluate those concepts in an autonomous digital environment without sacrificing employee time and resources.

According to SoftInWay’s Chief Operating Officer Valentine Moroz, AxSTREAM ION is the way forward if companies wish to remain competitive. When asked to elaborate, Moroz said “The main benefit of the Industrial Revolution that took place almost 200 years ago, was the newly found ability to create goods on a mass scale quicker than ever thought possible. Fast forward to the present, the Digital Revolution, which ushered in the rise of computer aided engineering and design over 50 years ago, is now entering the next phase of progress: making digital engineering faster, and requiring less labor to do it. It’s not enough anymore to be able to create a turbomachine’s flowpath, perform CFD using the latest programs and meshing capabilities or even to run basic automation. You must make the process autonomous and use prior experience and machine learning to differentiate good designs from poor designs. Do this and you’ll have: a long-lasting high-quality machine; spend less in development costs; and most importantly, have a happy customer. Like many others, we’ve been chasing the triangle of ‘good, fast, and cheap’. With AxSTREAM ION, we feel we finally achieved it.”

Moroz concluded by saying that this release will mark a new milestone for AxSTREAM ION. The capabilities being described above go well outside turbomachinery, empowering companies to develop a wide range of technology across many disciplines and industries. Through AxSTREAM ION, engineers will be able to simulate the full spectrum of operating conditions, from the time a product comes off the production line in the factory, to the end of its operating life cycle; making it easier to anticipate breakdowns, plan maintenance, and test the product at different operating conditions. AxSTREAM ION has already turned heads in the aerospace and defense industry as well as the automotive engineering world and is projected to spread in other fields following the launch of the newest version in quarter 2 of 2020.