The selection of paint is a very important task for residential as well as commercial painting because choosing the right color for the home adds a better appearance to your dream home project.

So take a comprehensive guide from the website of the best company of house Paint online, according to various factors such as the type of surface, weather conditions, what color to choose for a specific surface.

We basically paint our house for better appearance of interior or exterior walls and to protect the surface of the wall from moisture, termites, etc.

Paint finish is useful to give a dashing look to your interior and exterior walls. According to the current condition of the wall different types of coat are required on the painted area of ​​the wall.
Paints are divided into two broad categories:

1. Interiors Paints
2. Exterior Paints.

Interior Paints are then further divided into three subcategories which are as below:

1. Wall Paints: Distemper, Luster, Enamel, Emulsion
2. Metallic Paints: Enamel
3. Wood Paints: Wood Finishes

Exterior Paints are further divided into below subcategories which are as follows:

1. Emulsion
2. Textures
3. Cement

Some paints descriptions are as below:

1. Water-Based or Emulsion Paints:

Emulsion Paints are water-based paints that are better than oil-based paints as these types of paints are easier to use. Such paints dry easier than other emulsion and oil-based paints. It can be used on interiors, exteriors as well as wooden, metal, glass and concrete surfaces.

2. Oil-Based Paints:

Oil-based paints can be used on almost all kinds of surfaces and is well known for its high durability and rich finish.

3. Primer Paint:

Paint Primer is a layer usually applied on a surface before the paint to add extra safety and seals the pores in all permeable materials.

4. Plastic Paint:

This type of paint is water-based wall paint. It provides a smooth matte finish to the walls. It gives higher durability to the wall.
You can compare different types of paint online if you wish to check its coverage, sheen, washability, etc.

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