Am looking forward too seeing what NBA MT Coins EA brings to the table. I heard their last installment was decent and showed some real possibility for the future… And seemingly skipped this season’s version in order to concentrate on the next one. Will definitely be keeping my eyes open.I love some aspects of 2K but then others only ruin my day, as with other games that I wish they would get rid of micro trades and let the MyTeam be based on players you pull and earn, not merely buying the ideal team. I do like playing people bc I think it defeats the purpose of NBA 2K if you buy your success. But that’s only my opinion!How long have you been enjoying nba 2K?

I still find it intriguing that some people have been playing these games for years and still have no idea wtf in regards to shot selection, their doing. Like how can you say with a straight face attacking the rim with three individuals because paint is a much better idea than taking the selection. Also what the worst thing you seen people try to do while enjoying with NBA 2K?

Way too long for a sain individual lol As a kid I had one with Iverson on the cover, I think that was like 2001, than untila 2011 I had it off and on based witch one had been available in my country, following 2K11 I got every one some on PC and some on PS3/4..

Original NBA 2K for me personally. Though, the past two nights enjoying rec center was the thing that this weekend, I feel that. I am a two way slasher small and power and I normally play forward in rec. It is extremely frustrating that point guards are made by bulk of this neighborhood but doesn’t know how to perform the point guard position that is true. If you’re open, shoot the ball, but the number of times I’ve been wide open when cutting or sitting in the corner and they would take a contested three or try to be a dribble God is preposterous. I play my role by averaging a triple double with 5 steals a game, and all of these point guards average 20 but they shoot 35 occasions to arrive.

The thing I have seen though is someone who left a build to replicate James Harden, but strove to do with his irl step backs. Let us just say he shot less than 20 percent in the field and had almost double digits turnovers. The one thing he did to replicate harden was his man had around 40 on his head.I started at 2K16 and I have improved every year but with all the meta and match changes individuals who played a while ago might believe the shot is good because of previous games.

For instance look at streches at 2K19 to 2K20 or how the rating for 3 pointer doesnt thing anymore.Started when the PS4 came out with 2K14 and then the start of 2K15. Took a hiatus and changed to FIFA until FIFA 18. Came back in 2K18, been playing to buy mt coins ever since. It was sold by mycareer. Honestly think 2K20 is the best because it is easier to acquire overall plus you’ll be able to pick on your own badges.