Self care is important for hair, skin, and nails! But, what are the right VITAMINS and SUPPLEMENTS to take?

Nutrition and Diet:

Diets that are poor in fatty acids in other important nutrients are going to contribute to weak hair follicles that can lead to thinning. It is crucial to include food groups below and get a start on a proper diet to lead to healthy hair.

Protein: Food groups like chicken, nuts, fish, eggs, and other meats are high in protein. Since hair is made out of protein, it is helpful to give extra sources of protein to aid in recovery. The protein we eat helps develop keratin which is essential to strong hair structure. Protein powder is another easy way to keep in track of your protein nutrients and below is the recommended products.
Recommendation: Shaklee Life Shake Soy Protein: 20 grams of non-GMO protein, zero added sugar. Made with soy protein plus a proprietary blend of organic chia and organic pumpkin protein, Shaklee Life Shake is clinically proven to help you thrive and create the foundation for a longer, healthier life. Supports energy, satiety, and healthy weight while providing the essential vitamins and minerals to support overall health.

Vitamins: Getting a large spectrum of various types of vitamins is not only good for post-surgery self-care but it is a good long term investment for your hair, nail, and overall skin complexion. Check out our recommended vitamin products to maximize your benefit.
Vitamin A- This is a fat soluble vitamin which means it will stay longer in the body than other vitamins which are water soluble. It is important to maintain an adequate amount of vitamin A for hair growth but not to go too overboard with this vitamin as it can cause our faster growing hair to grow too quickly through its phases and fall out. Maintaining a balance of it is key as vitamin A deficiency may also lead to hair loss. Vitamin A also helps skin glands make an oily substance called sebum. Sebum moisturizes the scalp and helps keep hair healthy.
Vitamin B- Our most well known hair growth vitamin is Vitamin B. Specifically, Biotin is in the vitamin B group and not having enough of this vitamin has been directly linked to hair loss. B-vitamins help carry oxygen and nutrients to your scalp, which aids in hair growth.
Vitamin C- This vitamin is known to have antioxidant potential which helps with free radicals that can block hair growth and cause the hair to age. It reduces oxidative stress and helps the body absorb iron which is also necessary for hair growth. In addition, vitamin C is used to create an important protein known as collagen which is an important component of hair structure.
Vitamin D- This vitamin has been linked to the creation of new hair follicles which is important to avoid hair loss. This vitamin can be obtained through sunshine as well as from fatty fish.
Vitamin E- This vitamin is similar to Vitamin C in that it also helps with oxidative stress. This vitamin has actually shown to increase hair growth in patients who used it for several months.
Manganese- This mineral helps hair follicles grow to its full potential. Without this vitamin we would not reach complete protein synthesis of proteins necessary for hair growth.
Selenium- The antioxidant enzymes found in selenium prevent damage to hair follicles from pollution, UV rays, and other forms of free radicals. Selenium also encourages regular hair growth by helping the body to convert necessary proteins to grow hair.
Recommendation: Shaklee Vitalizer MultiVitamin (Women or Men): Vitalizer provides advanced nutrition with a full spectrum of clinically supported vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, and more in one convenient Vita-Strip. With a patented delivery system specially designed to enhance absorption of key nutrients in the body.

Shaklee Vitalizer MultiVitamin Women Product

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Another ingredient that can help with hair recovery, look into the consumption of salmon, mackerel, walnuts and avocado. For people who cannot tolerate these foods, there are also great supplements out there for your needs.
Recommendation: Shaklee’s OmegaGuard: Has a full spectrum of omega-3- essential fatty acids including EPA and DHA which are found in cold-water fish. These are also easy to swallow capsule unlike many other Omega-3 products.

Shaklee Omega Guard Product

Avoiding excessive stress is also critical

While stress does not have a huge impact on promotion of hair growth, it does have a strong correlation with hair loss. When your body is stressed, it tries to give nutrients to “less important” areas such as hair and nails. Even though it may be difficult for some of us to completely avoid stressful situations, there are supplements which can help to manage emotional health.

Recommendation: Shaklee’s Stress Relief Complex: Helps relax the body, mind and adapt to stress with a blend of clinically tested L-theanine, ashwagandha, beta-sitosterol, and L-tyrosine.

Shaklee Stress Relief Complex Product

****Shaklee products are used in our recommendation because they are clinically tested for efficacy and safety while having over 120 scientific papers and presentations to support their claim. They are also developed with a patented delivery system specially designed to enhance absorption of key nutrients in the body.****

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