The matter is, you’re playing crap Madden NFL players. Most people are crap at Madden since they don’t know nearly enough about real football. These people can’t be expected to run tendencies and theories that they don’t know how to work with, so insteadthey find that which”works” and they move.500 against other shitty Madden NFL players. Now, unfortunately, the high levels of play devolve into this too. The real pros are largely manipulating AI for small advantages to beat highly proficient Madden NFL players… HOWEVER, that is simply as they’re too good for the current condition of Madden NFL. AI can’t react well enough to repeat plays, and certain Madden NFL players are OP, which pros will utilize.

BUT there’s a great sweet spot to be found. I run an Online CFM where some of those best 10 or so guys would absolutely bust up anyone”play spamming.” We understand too much football for HB dives, stretches, and cheese blitzes to conquer us and are too great. If you don’t know football and haven’t invested the time and developed the you’ll get fucked up in my league. That makes it fun to play in. Playing the”right way” can take you pretty far. I played with the #1 rated H2H Madden NFL player in the world. I dropped by 10 and it might have been nearer. The people that you’re playing are just bad and have limited knowledge so their only hope to acquire is cheesing.

Bruh, you and I must play with. I run the above offensive play schemes all you mentioned and then a number. I play my teams regular play novels also and my teams playbook is barely popular (vikings). And I really don’t cheese plays. When I have a play I can keep running you have no answer for though, I’ll keep running it till you figure out how to shut it down. You will find cheese plays bbut that you have to fiddle with your play calls enough times to figure it out. I play with the vikings and can pitch a great game without dropping 15 yards back. The vikes have almost their O Line sucks and Cousins cant scramble and no deep threat for shit so Ive been forced to rely on skill and play calling. My overall ranking score is at the best 25%.

So what precisely are the Madden content staff performing during this time?

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Yeah – I REALLY made an attempt to stick with it this season… but I am done. They nerfed pack odds. I mostly enjoyed this season, but with the scale review this season obtained from the Madden NFL player base, they missed out on a chance to win back the hearts and minds of the Madden faithful. I am not mad. Just disappointed. I feel like that the could have pumped pack odds to a degree with as many Madden NFL players as they have had this late in the summer because of quarantine. GAGP tightened up after GTs were reduced. Not only in terms of GTs either – sounds like all high end pulls were limited.