Kingsland, London, UK, Jun 6, 2020 — What now, where do we go from here exclaims NRVT. Okay we know police have powers so when the “Duty of Care” is overridden what then.

How are we going to provide for the harmonious development of the Law to discipline barbarious police or any citizen, who forget they have a “Duty of Care” is NRVT’s next question.

8 minutes is a long time to die. If a person can hold their breath under water for 8 minutes what would you say. An abuse of power needs a kill switch. For example someone with the care of a guardian angel stepping in and saving a citizen from being murdered.

So for the record NRVT has written a couple verses of poetry in response to the George Floyd murder:

Quick release stop the police
I need somebody
To release my body

Quick release I cannot breath
I need somebody
To release my body

Some police are known to be aggressive and NRVT recalls the police stopping him and blazing him right up in his face and telling him he’s taking him to court. So when the Judge in the magistrates court asked NRVT what was the nature of the police towards him NRVT said to the judge:

‘Put it this way it wasn’t very harmonious.’
The judge told NRVT :
‘You are free to go.’

Journalism: Icsael Basemath

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