Montreal, Quebec, Canada In this ever-changing world with its new economic paradigm, we have seen where modern business is going and therefore we are pleased to announce the launch of a new matchmaking web service – A business solution that will enable anyone, whether they be an individual, a small or medium-sized business, or a large corporation, to find skilled talent who can supply their expertise, experience, and knowledge in providing top-notch solutions at affordable rates. Our service brings together freelancers, remote workers, stay-at-home professionals, and others who seek to offer their skills to others in a fair exchange which will please both parties – what’s more if you hire local freelancers you support your local economy in more ways than you know AND it is the best way to get qualified and verifiable help for that much-needed job to get done responsibly.

What we do is match qualified buyers (those who hire individuals to provide a solution), and sellers of services (those whose skills and talents you desperately need, even if it is for something small and only once). We do this within a framework designed to facilitate the on-line negotiations and the subsequent billing of a pre-agreed upon piece of work, task, or project within a time-frame specified by the buyer for the contracted project. No job is too big or small, and our service’s main goal is to help communities help themselves, following the principle ‘Promote Local Talent’ by ‘Hiring Local Talent’. Our communities’ graduates and experienced freelancers have verifiable educations as well as references located in your own community. What better way to support the further growth and expansion of those same communities.

“We believe people will find this way of doing business to be the new future, and we are happy to offer this service to all those affected by business closures and slowdowns in our current economy.” says Cris Rodriguez, systems administrator for WhenInNeed. The service is available to everyone in North America and other select markets including, but not limited to the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Brian Hernon, director of business operations added “We anticipate working-from-home will be the top business-growth sector in the years ahead, and encourage everyone to sign up for a free account and start promoting their unique skills and abilities for the upcoming demand for on-line workers”.

Services offered by the sellers can range from accounting and bookkeeping, to writing and everything in between. Be it, program development and coding, web development, business plans, data analysis, marketing strategies, layout and graphic design, or 3-D modeling – our freelancers have experience in many unique areas and are ready and willing to offer their services to both their local communities and our pool of talent-seekers.

Our site is dedicated to promoting local talent, so if a buyer has a project that they need done, and a local entrepreneur has yet to sign up and offer that service, then we will endeavor to find the buyer a selection of skilled talent to choose from out of our pool of business talent at our discounted rates. Though we strive to promote local talent, we will always offer only a selection of qualified workers to the buyer for his project needs.

Our built-in project analysis allows both, buyers and sellers to determine the reliability of the parties they are dealing with prior to committing to a job offer. We want both parties to be pleased with the outcome of their relationship. Both our buyers and sellers are rated using a variety of factors based on their past performance and the nature of feedback from both parties to each unique project. In this way we can assure that our talent pool is always top-notch and allows the buyers a guarantee that they are seeing the top talent in their field applying for the posted jobs.

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