In this new normal, Bath Pro Refinishing will continue to provide the same level of services for its clients in Orlando and throughout Central Florida.

Bath Pro Refinishing, a reliable bathtub refinishings service, has announced, the company will continue to provide an excellent bathroom refinishing for their clients. This Orlando based company has over 20 years of experience in a bathtub, tub, and tile refinishing. The company CEO, Patrick Cassidy, said, “We can make your old bathtub look brand new.” He added, “In this new normal, we will continue to provide the same level of service to our clients in Orlando and throughout Central Florida.”

Homeowners need to refinish their tub regularly for a significant boost on the appearance and current level of safety. The old bathtub is sometimes slippery, or its finish is worn out, it can be dangerous for its users who may not be careful enough. The old bathtub can be made safer by refinishing its surface, and it will look brand new. Bath Pro Refinishing is a prominent tub refinishing Orlando that refinishes on a wide variety of surfaces such as cast iron, steel, fiberglass, ceramic tile, plastic, metal, cultured marble, and Formica. The company guarantees its service supported by trained technicians and always uses the finest products. The refinishing service will save time and money to make your bathroom tub and tile look brand new.

” My refinished bathtub looks brand new. My husband and I liked it. The glossy finish is now so easy to clean. Thank you, Bath Pro, for making my tub look great and my cleaning chore so easy.”

“Our tub and tile were recently refinished by A Bath Pro. Amazing, it now looks brand new again. It doesn’t take too long to make it look brand new. My husband was constantly caulking and grouting, and now he no longer has to do this. “

For free consultation and estimation, The Bath Pro Refinishing is available at 407-869-8696. This June (until June 28), the company offers “June Special” Bathtub resurfacing and Tub & Tiles resurfacing. Please check for June’s special prices.

About Bath Pro Refinishing

Bath Pro Refinishing is a licensed and insured bath refinishing company that provides its service in Orlando and Central Florida surrounding areas. It has 20 years of experience and has been serving tub and tile refinishing in Central Florida since 1984. The company provides a 5 Year Warranty against defects in workmanship and product failure.

Contact info:

Patrick Cassidy,

12270 Huntsman Ln, Orlando, FL 32826,

(407) 869-8696