Garden Smart Tv recently had a great discussion with InstantHedge. It’s a wholesale hedge nursery based in Canby,OR. The owner of the company Brent Markus explained how beech hedges can are best suited for color and screening.

He said “It is not necessary that evergreens can make the best privacy hedge, privacy and screening can be obtained with deciduous hedge as well. In deciduous, beech hedge variety came out to be the best hedge for privacy, screening and color ”

The speciality of beech hedge is that With lush, green foliage in May through October, European beech has been a favorite hedge choice for centuries (literally). Once the fall temperatures take a more dramatic dip, the leaves will be tinged with hues of gold, copper, and even purple. Then the colors all turn the same bright copper and remain on the branches until the fresh green leaves flush out again the following spring.

The hedge is hardy, ideal for USDA zone 5-8 (sometimes into zone 4). European Beech Hedge scientifically known as Fagus Sylvatica is available for sale at best price all over the USA.

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