Considering the government’s measures against the coronavirus outbreak, BeRugby Magazine will be temporarily halting the production of its April edition. The magazine will release a special edition in May.

[LONDON, 04/05/2020] – Since the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak started to spread across the world, various sports events are getting cancelled to minimise physical interaction. In the rugby community, both professional and amateur leagues have been cancelled, and the future of the sport is unknown as the world battles with the virus.

The UK currently has a lockdown in place, restricting movement and encouraging everyone to practise social distancing. As a result, several businesses have been shut down or forced to implement remote working practices.

Decisions in Light of the Pandemic

With the coronavirus outbreak and the government’s measures for social distancing, BeRugby Magazine announced that they will temporarily halt magazine productions. The magazine currently has a skeletal staff in place to keep up with the latest rugby news. Their team, as well as their partners, are currently practising social distancing in compliance with government regulations
Despite the limited operations, the magazine’s editorial team assures current readers that they will be extending their subscriptions. Their website is open, and it’s expected that they will release rugby-related online content while magazine production is on hold.

A Special Edition in May

Instead of an April edition, a special edition of BeRugby Magazine will be released at the beginning of May. According to the announcement, the special edition will contain past and present rugby content, as well as a feature on the future of rugby amid the coronavirus pandemic. Young readers can expect to learn about rugby with quizzes, advice and trivia about the sport.

About BeRugby Magazine

BeRugby Magazine is a rugby-related magazine made for young rugby players and enthusiasts. The magazine aims to encourage children to read and learn about the sport they love. As a supporter of grassroots and youth rugby, BeRugby Magazine also strives to form connections among players, fans and coaches.

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