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Now, enhance the safety and productivity of construction workers with the help superior quality range of rebar tiers. RapidTool, the international wholesaler of superior quality rebar tie machines, offers excellent quality rebar tying machines to execute the job to the highest standard.
Tying steel reinforcing bars or rods can be exhausting work, but it is necessary in construction. One of its side effects is putting the employees at the risk of developing repetitive strain injuries, and this can interfere with the work. However, the use of a rebar tier offered by RapidTool can save workers from expensive medical bills associated with the risks of manually tying the steel bars. It increases safety and productivity on the construction site, while ensuring that bonding of rebar can be done quickly and effortlessly.
A rebar tier is a lightweight and easy-to-use tool. To use the rebar tier, you only have to pull a trigger. There are various types of rebar tiers, so you should be able to find the right tool that will suit the requirements of your job site. RapidTool stocks the best quality range of rebar tiers, including the RT-40 max 40mm rebar tier and replacement rebar tie wire. All of these offer powerful rebar tying processes that outperform most levels of rebar tying in the industry. With RapidTool’s strict quality control and controlled product testing, you and your contractors are guaranteed only the best.
RapidTool is Australia’s top supplier of rebar tying machines, rebar benders and rebar cutters. Their aim is to provide construction companies and workers with efficient, reliable rebar processing equipment and they stand behind with unmatched warranties and support structure.
So, get the perfect rebar tier at RapidTool that saves contractors from unnecessary repetitive strain injuries and also increases productivity. For more information, visit or contact them on 02 8090 5999. You can also drop an email to regarding your queries.