As is known to all, the smart phone is the one of the most important devices in the life. While the mobile phone maybe surrounded by various dangers, such as chips, cracks, scratches, falling, water or oil immersion, fingerprint and so on. So tempered glass screen protector came in the right time. The tempered glass protective film is made to protect the screen of your smart phone from damage and scratches, through the use of a specially treated clear glass, which has been reinforced to increase shock absorption . It provides the most effective protection on your screen. it is very important to approach the issue of choosing the right screen guard, which can literally save the life of your device. Some tips from team, about how to distinguish the protect film.
1)The premium glass protector has a thickness of 0.3mm. Once installed, there is no space between the screen and the glass, which means that the protector does not affect the touch screen sensitivity of the sensor and does not slow down the response to user commands.
2)Provides 9H hardness for cutting-edge protection against falls and scratches. Even sharp objects like knives and keys will not scratch it. Preserves touch sensitivity so your phone responds immediately to keys and scans.
3)It strictly corresponds to the size and all the necessary cutouts of the smart phone.
4)To ensure normal use, tempered glass has an oleophobic coating that prevents fingerprints and makes the film easy to clean.
5)It is held on the screen with a silicone glue that facilitates installation and secures the film firmly so as not to affect the sensitivity of the touch screen.
6)If broken, the glass breaks into small, non-sharp pieces, making it safer than other glass products.
7)the film will serve you for a long time and sticks without the formation of bubbles with air. Easy sticking and take off, so you can replace the screen protector by yourself. Before use, carefully read the installation steps indicated on the package.
8)Enjoy a limited lifetime warranty plus hassle free customer service.

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