Timber has formed an integral part of home construction both structurally and aesthetically since humans first started building permanent homes. With increased global awareness, over the last decade, of the need to make use of and incorporate renewable and sustainable materials in the modern home, Timber once again finds itself as the obvious, natural and “feel good” solution.

With the advent of modern technology and processing equipment timber products now offer a wide range of opportunities for the home builder and renovators. Wooden features and accents can be added into almost any conventionally-built structure – adding texture and warmth, and of course, showcasing the natural beauty of the wood.

The incorporation of wooden elements is found across all modern design spheres including conventional, chic and minimalistic architecture and interior design. From timber-frame or solid log homes to timber features, fittings and furniture – combining wood Whether looking to style a whole structure, room or even just an accent wall – there are numerous ways to integrate wood into your new or existing home, enhancing the existing style and character.


When it comes to structure, the easiest way to incorporate an aesthetic wood element is of course by using timber construction techniques. Log homes and cabin walls are built with timber visible from both the inside and the outside. With timber-frame homes, one can opt to leave interior or exterior structural elements such as support posts, rafters and beams exposed, showcasing the elements of featured handcrafted and skilled joinery.


There are countless ways to innovatively introduce more wood materials into your home, from elegant and modern wooden designs to purposefully exposed wood. A star feature of any home that is often overlooked is the flooring. A wooden flooring design adds a natural warmth, softness and organic feel to the space as a whole, and can create a feeling or either classic, rustic appeal or a modern chic natural appearance. Use a light wood to open up small rooms and darker woods to make large spaces feel “homey’.

Not only loved for its aesthetic appeal, but wooden flooring is also strong and durable and has natural insulating and sound-absorbing characteristics to boot. Wood ceiling and wall cladding are another easy way to add detailing to home interiors with log siding accents, wall cladding, roofs, ceilings and exposed roof beams. Not only do they look great, but the timber also makes for a great natural insulator. Once more appreciating the practicality and durability of wood, wooden window and door frames are popular choices for today’s modern homes.

Choosing the correct timber for the application with the prescribed maintenance they can prove extremely long-lasting and are also readily available ex-factory in almost any desired pre-finish such as pre-painted, stained, distressed or reclaimed wood. For other interior wood trim accents, look towards features like a fireplace or bay windows, or a central feature such as a front door or staircase along with a handrail or baluster system.
One can even add subtle timber detailing such as door tracks, architraves, dado rails etc in varying styles to create attractive and appealing detailing without overshadowing an entire room or space.


Once more, building your home with timber is the most direct way to introduce wood styling into your home, and this is made easy with timber construction. Design an exterior porch / patio areas, pergola, pool house or garden shed to give your new or existing home a touch of contemporary wooden design.


Here at the T&B Group, we are here for any of your log and timber frame home requirements, but also offer interior and exterior components and custom services from Design and planning to Engineering, draughting and manufacturing. Our qualified team of professionals includes Project managers draughtsman, timber rights, quantity surveyors, highly skilled carpenters, experienced logistics personnel and procurement experts. Incorporated together with our comprehensive manufacturing and factory facilities we offer a true Turn-key timber solution.