“Rich Money Models released its new logo. The new logo has fresh color and design, which represent this agency spirit of providing the best in the model industry.”

USA, April 29th, 2020 – Rich Money Models, one of the top female model agencies in the U.S., has released a new logo for welcoming this year’s spring. The new logo consists of three letters that represent the abbreviation of this agency name, R.M.M. the color is also changing into pink, which represents the feminine meaning. It matches with the business and the mission that this agency has been following until today, which is providing a chance for women who want to prove themselves by working in the model industry.

The new logo gives a new and fresh image for this company. According to the representative of Rich Money Models, this new logo will also become a new way to display how this company will work to the customer. He said, “Our new logo is much simpler than the previous one. We use the standard font style to display a strong and straight message to our clients and other people. We choose the pink color because this color represents women, which is also in the same frequency with our mission when we start this agency. With the new logo, we also hope we can bring a new and stronger spirit to our work and models. Thus, in the future, we will be able to give you the best performance and satisfying result when you use our models and service.”

Rich Money Models new logo shows the new determination for this agency to pass through this year safely and successfully. The new spirit from the new logo is also applied to other sub-business of this agency. There is a channel network for promoting the models. This part also becomes a way for clients to find the model they need. The online magazine is also another business that this agency has. It shows information about beauty, health, and more for women. Then, there is also an online mall, where customers can buy all kinds of beauty and health products for women. The new logo seems to be the new, better start for this agency in this field.

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Rich Money Models has been around for a while in the model industry. Today, this agency has grown into one of the tops female model agencies, not only in the U.S. but also in the world.

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