Remodeling is when you want to make a total change, both in the spatial distribution and in all the finishes, of one or more spaces in a home.

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Why is it important to have an architect?

When we talk about modifying the distribution of one or more spaces in our home, we are talking about carrying out intervention both on the walls and in the technical facilities, be they drinking water, electricity or gas, among others, in addition to the possibility of structurally affecting the property to be remodeled.

And that’s when an architect like i13, will be the ideal one to understand before the beginning of the designs and, of course, at the beginning of the work, what scope can be given to the transformation.

They will determine, following a careful process, which walls can be modified and which cannot, where these elements are located, such as columns and beams, as well as pipe ducts, ventilation, etc.

It will also be the architect who helps the property owner to understand the legal scope of the said process since the factor of building permits and licenses to remodel is a factor to take into account before starting a process of architectural designs for a remodel.

Finally, among other things, and not least, will be the architect along with the interior designer and decorator, who according to the method applied for the design, planning, budget calculation, management and control of the work. They make a reality in terms of functionality, comfort, comfort and style, the dream of human beings who inhabit these remodeled spaces.

What are the advantages of doing a remodeling advised by professionals?

One of the most important, if not the most, is to ensure the success of the remodeling, of course, according to the method they use to do it. Since, like doing it without professionals, it is doing it with ones that improvise, rush, or do not have a careful process.

So, seek advice from professionals such as an architect and an interior designer and decorator who guarantee a safe and calm process, in addition to achieving a unique and personalized design and hope to achieve a balance between the remodeled property and the emotions of the people who inhabit it.