If you go in the market you will find multiple brands with different versions of projects and to decide which one is best is really a tedious job. To help you find which one fits your requirement or which projector brands are available in the market you can go through the list that have prepared for you.

Let’s begin with CASIO as it has launched it wide range of projectors in market that includes:

· XJ-A247

· XJ-UT351WN Xio

· XJ-UT351W Luminous

· XJ-UT351WN Xio

· XJ-A257

· XJ-A242

· XJ-A147

· XJ-V2

· XJ-F200WN

· XJ-V100

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Next let’s have a look on projectors that Hitachi has got for its customers that one must think of before making the purchase.

· LP-WU6600

· LP-EU5002

· CP-CW251WN

· CP-CX251N

· WX3042WN

· CP-DH300

· CP-CX301WN

· CP-EX302N

· CP-CW301WN

You can even try for the various projectors lunched by VIVITEK:

· H1188

· QUMI Q3 Plus

· Pocket Projector QUMI Q8

· DU6693Z

· DX881ST

· DX813

· DX263

· DH758UST

· DH833

· FULL HD DH3331

If you are not happy with any of these then you can even checkout EPSON XGA EB-X41.

To know more these projects and get it delivered at your door steps you can contact kTwo 2 Ltd as they are trust suppliers of IT products in Israel.