BEDFORD, TX:TopTech Electric’s contractors join other essential workers who continue to offer services throughout the coronavirus pandemic. The Dallas and Fort Worth electrician is doing its part to keep customers safe and is asking customers to do the same.

Dallas County remains under a stay-at-home order that directs residents to only leave their homes for essential activities. While many businesses have been ordered to cease all activities, electricians are among businesses considered essential.

For businesses that do stay open, that means they carry the responsibility of taking precautions to keep both workers and customers safe.

“We understand that the pandemic doesn’t stop things from breaking down. Rest assured that we remain ready to handle your electrical issues,” said owner Mike White. “We continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely and take safety precautions suggested by the CDC and local officials.”

TopTech Electric technicians wash their hands before and after entering customers’ homes. Technicians wear masks, gloves and booties upon entering homes.

“We ask people to understand that we will no longer be shaking their hands during the pandemic,” said White, who said technicians limit in-person interaction as much as possible. “A simple wave will have to do.”

TopTech monitors the health of its technicians. Any technicians who show symptoms of being ill are told to remain at home.

These steps help TopTech’s technicians avoid spreading the virus as they enter customers’ homes. In return, White asks customers to also take steps.

He requests that customers let the electrician know if anyone in the house is feeling ill or has symptoms related to COVID-19. Management reserves the decision to deny service to a customer to ensure both workers and customers remain safe. If a household member is sick, the contractor may first suggest rescheduling the job for a later date depending on what service is required.

“We do not want to put customers or our workers at risk,” White said. “That includes other customers that our technicians may visit after completing repairs at your home.”

Technicians have the right to alert management and refuse service at the door if they have concerns.

TopTech Electric’s highly trained electricians offer a wide array of quality electrical services. The company offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee so that customers know repairs and electrical equipment installations will be completed correctly.

For more information about TopTech Electric, visit or call 682-262-5759.