Romax specialises in customer relations management for companies in the Greenwich, London area. Their services include Membership Management Services, Data Management, Direct Mail, Direct Marketing, and Multi-Channel Marketing.

[April 7 2020, London]—Companies located in the Greenwich district are now able to add a variety of after-sales services with the help of Romax Marketing & Distribution Ltd (Romax), to enhance brand loyalty in current clients and encourage better relations with new ones. Romax offers Customer Relations Management (CRM) services to businesses in the area.

Romax Brings More CRM Tools to Companies
As a CRM company, Romax provides a variety of useful tools to companies such as B2C and B2B database management, data analytics, data enhancement, data cleansing, data profiling, and bespoke data services. Romax also offers direct mail marketing services that include formulating the direct mail strategy, executing the direct mail effort, and measuring results.

If a company requires membership management, they can outsource that service to Romax. This diverse menu of services makes it possible for companies to have comprehensive after-sales marketing efforts that are targeted, timely, and valuable.

The Mercedes-Benz After-Sales Strategy
One example of Romax’s effectiveness in delivering valuable after-sales services was their recent partnership with Mercedes-Benz. Romax formulated, printed, and distributed Predictive After-Sales (PAS) communications to owners of MB Passenger Cars, Vans, Smart Cars, and Motability Cars. Romax created and sent communications specific to the different car owners, from a stream of multiple data sources. Romax also designed client-specific postal indicia that increased brand awareness and developed a fully automated system for materials approval.

The Results
After partnering with Romax, Mercedes-Benz now has after-sales communications that are delivered to customers in a timely, targeted manner, thanks to an automated approval process that removes any delays. Costs were reduced by combining brand runs of smaller nameplates, enabling them to have a mail sort discount. Most importantly, customer and dealership relations were improved, leading to an increase in sales.

About Romax
Romax is a CRM service company in Greenwich, London that prides itself in offering proactive client servicing. Their experienced account managers ensure the efficient and effective management of campaigns.

For your CRM service needs, contact Romax today.