LED high bay fixtures is mainly use for warehouse, factory, gymnasiums, workshop, indoor stadium, airplane hangars lighting etc. It’s perfect solution for you to replace your old lamp such as metal halid lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, high intensity discharge lamps. Compared with these traditional bulbs, LED high bay light with lower electricity usage and high quality lighting efficiency. Among these high bay light fixtures, UFO high bay light is definitely is the choice for most industrial ceiling lighting applications.

As a professional LED manufacturer, BBier UFO high bay fixtures have both high quality and high cost performance. Our wattage have 60w 100w 150w 200w 240w 300w. ETL and DLC certificate approved.

We use 3030 high lumen led chips, 150lm/w available. It’s the key factor for you to choose the suitable UFO high bay led. For example, based on the your total lumens requirements of 15000lm, if the UFO high bay led fixture is 120lm/w, then you need a 125w lamp. If the fixture with 150lm/w, 100w lamp can meet your requirements. So the higher lumen efficiency your lamp have, the lower wattage of the lamp you can choose, and more electric bills you can save.

Motions sensor,0-10 dimming and reflectors are available. And we provide 3/5/10 years warranty for our UFO high bay led.

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