has a major announcement for the students in the USA. We have introduced an advanced page calculator tool that will help you estimate the number of words on each page along with the number of the pages you needed to complete your academic papers.
Moreover, certain amendments were made to the existing middle school GPA calculator so that you can figure out both the weighted and unweighted GPA scores. Thus, the middle school students in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Los Angeles etc. can use the tool to generate swift results.
The page calculator is easy to use. All you have to do is:
Paste the text
Select the font family (Arial, Calibri, Comic Sans, Courier, Verdana, Times New Roman)
Choose the appropriate font size
Select the spacing
Once you provide the prerequisites, the page calculator shows you the word count on a particular page and the total number of pages you used. The information that you get to see is extremely useful when you are trying to keep track of the word count.
The most interesting part about our page calculator is that it offers free access to the students. Thus, you won’t have to pay any subscription fee and neither there is any word count restriction. And, the same holds good for our GPA calculator.
When you use our middle school GPA calculator, you first have to select between weighted and unweighted GPA. Once you do this, follow the steps below.
You have to select the semester, for instance, Semester 1, Semester 2 etc.
Following this, you have to select the Course name
Subsequently, you have to fill up the grade and the credits for each course
And, if you are estimating weighted GPA, you have to provide the weight
Continue the process, until you have estimated the GPA for each course, by clicking on ‘Add Course’
And, if you want to add semesters, all you have to do is click on ‘Add Semester’
Once, you fill-up the necessary details, the middle school GPA Calculator will let you know the Cumulative GPA. Recently, a highly sophisticated algorithm was put in place, so that the students do not have to wait for more than a second to generate the results.
Furthermore, both the page calculator and GPA calculator offer a lot of benefits.
You can use them at any point in time
You can access them from any device (laptops, smartphones etc.)
You will get accurate results every time
You can use them from any place (while you are on the road or at home etc.)
A guideline is provided beside the tools, so that you can read the steps in case you face any issues while using the tools. For further enquiries, place your questions at Our customer executives will reach out to you ASAP.