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Buying cheap air tickets at a discount is possible if you know how and when to look. We give you the keys to get cheap flights.

At what point to buy a plane ticket?

Those who work in this world assure that the days that cost the most to cover the seats of an airplane are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, for a simple reason: people travel on weekends and days stuck to it.

In addition, airlines usually launch ticket sales on Tuesdays. As for the advance with which to buy the tickets, forget about doing it long before you leave, because it is useless.

For short and medium-range flights, one month is sufficient, and for intercontinental flights, between one and a half and two months before.

Review the entire Low-Cost offer:

You know what day you are going to buy the ticket. Next, we have to look at the offer of low-cost airlines (what would be of modest travelers without them). At boratravel.al, you can find the best oferta per vitin e ri.

Delete cookies:

Very important to buy cheap flights: clear your browser of cookies before each ticket search, because they “learn” that they are planning to travel and also to a certain destination, and in a matter of days the prices for the same ticket can rise “suspiciously”.

Use secondary airports:

Most low-cost airlines travel to secondary airports, and not to the main one. You are further from the city center, but that makes it much cheaper to land there.

Then you can always take a shuttle bus (the taxi is more expensive) to your destination. Standard airlines also often offer tickets to these airports, which makes the price cheaper.

Buy a round trip ticket:

One-way tickets are usually more expensive than round-trip tickets, due to a strategic issue of the airlines. It is more profitable for them to plan flights with closed dates because it allows them to organize and schedule future trips and they also ensure the passage of travelers, who do not choose competing companies.

The trick of stopover flights:

It is not the most comfortable option, but it is the cheapest. If instead of flying direct, you go through an intermediate point earlier, you can save a few bucks for sure.

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