Residential roofing services require entrusting a project to the experts. It then becomes easy for them to get the right results that they want for their residential properties. If and when you need residential roofing Texas, too, ensure to get in touch with the right industry experts from Gordy Roofing Inc.

About Gordy Roofing Inc.

Gordy Roofing Inc. is a full-service roofing company with years of hands-on experience. Our primary aim has always been to ensure that every client who comes our way has a strong and durable roof installed for them. In addition, we have a specialty in roof damage repairs and replacements regardless of the scope or intensity of the damages done.

Whether your roof needs some minor repairs or emergency replacements, we are the team for you. We have attended to clients with Texas hail damage roof needs, and it has been a success story for us. To you, it will also be a matter of entrusting your project to us and have our able roofing experts deliver the right results for you.

Our Roofing Services

Gordy Roofing Inc. offers a range of roofing services depending on each client’s needs. Usually, we specialize in:

Residential Roofing: – we install new roofs, repair existing ones, and replace any residential roofs that are damaged beyond repair.

Commercial Roofing: – our roofing services are also channeled towards commercial facilities and properties too. We attend to business plazas, office spaces, storage facilities, warehouses, and other business entities offering new roof installation, repairs, and replacement services.

New Roof Installation: – need a new roof to be installed for your property? If yes, we are the right company for you, too, regardless of the scope of the project or its deliverables.

Roof Maintenance: – after installing new roofs, we keep routine maintenance for them to ensure they serve you well.

Roof Repairs and Replacements: – roofs may get damaged due to many factors. When they do and require repairs or replacements, do not hesitate to contact us too.

Call Gordy Roofing Inc. today and have all your roofing needs attended to professionally. Call 1-800-248-4354 or visit