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People often think that there is some type of credit repair secrets or magical letter form out there they can use to get items removed or to raise their credit score. Nothing is further from the truth. However, at Cook Law we have a firm understanding of how the dispute process works knowledge of how credit scoring is calculated and experiencing in suing credit bureaus, furnishers and collection agencies to get negative items removed. Call Cook Law now for a free consultation. There is also a free ebook available at that you can download and read. It is a brief overview of a lawyer’s credit repair secrets and includes some of the tips, tricks and secrets Cook Law has learned along the way. The ebook offers very simple and easy to understand instructions on the dispute process and on how you can increase your credit score. I will share some of the highlights of the book.

The best secret is to never use a credit repair company as they are not licensed, are non-attorneys and take your money for doing something you can do on your own. A credit repair agency simply sends boilerplate letter forms off to the credit bureaus and hopes that this will get negative items removed. This is not how the credit reporting law works. You can only get disputed and inaccurate items removed. If something is accurate, it is extremely difficult to get it removed. You could write multiple letters to the credit bureaus yourself and see if you have any luck. Otherwise, your dispute letter to the credit bureaus needs to identify the accounts that are inaccurate, explain why they are inaccurate and to provide tangible proof. Your letter needs to be as detailed as possible and include all forms of written proof you can obtain. If you do not have something in writing showing the account is inaccurate the odds of getting negative items removed is greatly decreased.

If your issue does not concern negative items but rather you need to do positive things to improve your credit, then I recommend you read our book, a lawyer’s secrets to credit repair. Again, you can download a free copy at There are very, simple, practical tips that you can utilize to get your credit to where you want. If you have any questions as to a lawyer’s credit repair secrets then give us a call at Cook Law for a free consultation. We will happily talk to you about your case and do our best to address any concerns or issues you are having with your credit.

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