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Micah Brandenburg Greenville SC, launches his official website along with B2B business coaching.

Greenville SC, February 10th, 2020 Micah Brandenburg, a B2B business mentor, is excited to announce his official website launch On the website, Micah Brandenburg is showcasing his 90-Day Growth business consultation that emphasizes Clarity That Enables Rapid Growth for B2B Services Companies. He has delivered over $300,000,000 of services across industries such as insurance, financial services, tech services, and engineering services.

The 90-Day Growth offers a solution for a company’s leader who is overwhelmed by too many choices on how to grow, unwilling to waste more time on things that won’t work, frustrated that past growth strategies & tactics have not worked, and growth-focused leaders who want more than the status quo. Micah Brandenburg will become their business coach to achieve their company’s growth. Micah Brandenburg Greenville SC consultation company will lead them to rapidly growing their company/organization, utilizing three Growth Tools; Growth Roadmap, Growth Strategy, and Growth Coaching.

The 90-Day Growth delivers a guaranteed value, a real and enduring change for companies. Utilizing the Growth Roadmap, Micah Brandenburg is able to pinpoint what needs to change, as well as analyzing what has changed in a 2-weeks period and managing the business through the growth phase. The next phase of 90-Day Growth is Growth Strategy. Growth strategy is a custom-designed strategy that is developed in one of four areas; Sales, Marketing, Service Offering, and Pricing. After analyzing marketing & sales assets, sales data, and talking with the sales team, Micah Brandenburg is able to direct the leaders to which of the four areas above need to be re-engineered so that they can start experiencing growth. The last and most important of 90-Day Growth is Growth Coaching. Growth Coaching is a very crucial phase for business leaders. Micah Brandenburg will give organizational leaders coaching sessions to achieve the organization’s growth goals.

“I give my highest recommendation to Micah. He has a very rare ability to identify strategic insights and quickly execute them.” Dan Rundle, Worthwhile CEO.

About Micah Brandenburg

Micah Brandenburg is a B2B business mentor. In his career he has helped many organizations and companies grow. He specialized in B2B services companies and emphasizes delivering clarity to organizational leaders to make changes within a 2-weeks period to grow. He has helped organizations/companies in the area of financial services, tech services, engineering services, and insurance to grow.


Name: Micah Brandenburg

Address: 1300 Edwards Rd, Greenville, SC 29615

Phone: (864) 383-8100