Foundations of Real Estate Institute Launched The Unique M.O.N.E.Y. 5 Step System, an Affordable Real Estate Training Program designed to shave years off the typical agent learning curve.

The M.O.N.E.Y. 5 Step System is a proven formula that enables new and returning agents to generate income quickly and become highly successful in Real Estate sales.

FORE Institute, a leading real estate training company, is introducing the most productive real estate training for quickly creating income in a straightforward and easy to follow 5 step system known as M.O.N.E.Y. The system is the best strategy for new agents to quickly learn the critical steps necessary to start generating income immediately. This system shaves years off agent’s learning curve. The training emphasizes 5 unique sequences that must be followed in order to prevent fail-out in this profession. The outline of the critical training is: Make money quickly by attracting committed clients, Overcome objections, and get to “yes” answers, Network in your local market the right way and see significant results, Exemplify professional mastery by knowing exactly what to do, and Yield the knowledge and skills necessary to show up as the expert.

Sean Sutton, FORE Institute’s C.E.O. and founder, said the Foundations of Real Estate Training Program, is designed to help new and returning agents shave years off the brutal Real Estate learning curve. Most importantly, we provide new agents with the power to eliminate the guesswork and avoid the pain of not knowing how to get their business going strong. Sean started and struggled to learn the hard way on how to be hugely successful in realestate. He committed early on to share the secrets and critical steps to become successful in the real estate profession in order to prevent others from enduring the same brutal learning curve that all agents will face.

He added that the M.O.N.E.Y. 5 step system, is the only proven formula that enables new agents to be highly successful quickly. Many agents he has worked with and taught the system to end up becoming Mega Agents.

Foundations of Real Estate Institute (FORE Institute) is offering affordable real estate training that is realistic, understandable, and a great fast-start experience. Therefore, doing real estate business is more comfortable and productive than ever. FORE Institute teaches real estate agents how to get into production and start making money right away with their proprietary and fundamentally practical strategies. Moreover, FORE Institute’s real estate success strategies are a time-saver in the real estate business. The student will learn step by step foundation basics to the advanced approach in a short time. For anyone interested in the training, The FORE Institute realtor production class schedule can be seen at

“FORE Institute training is open to anyone, including individuals with a real estate license, and interested in accelerating their learning curve in order to start making money quickly. Please visit their website and opt-in for more information. FORE Institute is offering a free 20-minute strategy session with qualified individuals. Let us see if we can help you shave years off your learning curve.” said Sean Sutton, FORE Institute’s C.E.O.

About Foundations of Real Estate Institute

FORE Institute (Foundations of Real Estate Institute) provides accelerated training for new and returning real estate agents that want to get it right the first time.

They help new real estate agents accelerate production and make money fast. FORE Institute’s training materials are proven to be successful when implemented in the real world. Sean Sutton, FORE Institute’s C.E.O., strives to help the real estate agent interested in rapidly achieving their goals by implementing the M.O.N.E.Y. 5 step system. For more information, please visit