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Ashiana public school aims to make the children aware of the activities in their lives. That arouses the feelings of their heart,and create new excitement in the Children. Ashiana Public School seeks to inspire children with a desire for learning, freshness and curiosity So that we can always keep ahead. Students in the Ashiana Public School performs different activities in school which helps them a lot in their daily life . In school besides of studies we teaches children to Keep the Environment Clean. In school we encourages our students to do new things which helps them to search new ideas in their life to make their life successful. In our school, children get all kinds of facilities for his overall improvement. The school teachers give special attention to those who are weak in their education. The teachers in the school are very supportive. Our school makes children’s education so enjoyable that the student is eager to learn something with a new energy. The School focuses on theoretical Study as well as Practical Study. For doing such activities school is well equipped with a science laboratory, an extensive library, a computer laboratory, an open air multipurpose auditorium, and an audiovisual room among other facilities.
The primary and senior classrooms are equipped with the latest audio-visual technologies to facilitate e-learning.

The school building is designed in a way that links the indoor and outdoor areas. The primary school has indoor and outdoor playgrounds that include swings, jungle gyms, a tree house, and a sandpit amongst others.

The secondary school playgrounds include badminton, skating, football and table tennis facilities with a basketball court and multipurpose sports areas painted with amusing paintings, which depict children’s favorite stories and characters.

There are also special playgrounds for children to study as well as play, both inside and outside the school.
The playground includes badminton, tennis, soccer and young children’s sports.
Special attention is also given to the safety of children. The school has special arrangements for fire-fighting systems, generator for power outages, filtered water.

School also conducts emergency training for children, teachers and other staff member So they can defend themselves when needed.

The school make concerted effort to make children’s education enjoyable so that the children can stay ahead in every field.

The Ashiana Public School in particular teaches us how to keep our environment and surroundings clean so that future generations can keep an eye on their tomorrow. Therefore, from time to time, different types of competitions are conducted in the school in which the children participate in happiness and enthusiasm. In which the Earth Day Celebration is special, the children’s painting is computed in this celebration. In which children participate with great enthusiasm, they portray the value of protecting our environment and its cleanliness, maintenance. Apart from this, Poster Making Competition Role Play Competition, Debate Competition, Public Speaking Competition, Hindi Poetry Competition and many other Competitions are conducted in the school. There is also a special bus service for transporting children from home to school and leaving school. Every essential feature of the children’s series is in school. Join Ashiana Public School for a Better and Bright Future for Your Child.