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Let’s discuss the three major benefits of having an interior designer in your peer group:
A Window to homebuyers’ thoughts
The interior designers think from a buyer’s perspective and evaluate what would entice him. What would make him buy the property? This is like evaluating the saleability factor of your product without going for beta testing. If I am an investor, I would definitely like to have one such person who could tell me whether my product suits the customer or not!
A One-point solution to all the resource needs
Due to the nature of their job profile, an interior designer is associated to everyone, no matter at which step the person stands on the ladder called life. Due to their connections, the interior designers are the most resourceful professionals. If you plan to develop a project, or plan to invest in a project or are confused what to do with an existing property, talk to an interior designer, he will guide you how to pursue.
Get renovated in a style
Many a time, people get stuck with one design idea and carry that for ages. But does that design tingle the taste buds of others as well? This is the situation where interior designers play a major role. They keep your design taste at par with the market demand.
But, imagine a situation where the same interior designer whom you trust the most, puts you into trouble! As said earlier, real estate is not only known for its monotonous atmosphere but for fraudulent activities as well. And then there are some interior designers who carry this legacy of fraudulent behavior with them, wherever they go. One such interior designer was the talk of the town a few days ago. We are talking about a Delhi-based interior designer Nitin Kohli who was trending on Twitter for his negative professional practices. When crosschecked with some of the market experts, we found that Nitin Kohli has many legal cases against him for duping some of his customers, as well as the vendors.
Interior designing is a profession that requires creativity and trust. By creativity, we mean the original designs that suit the market, and by trust we mean the confidence of the customers. Indeed, this profession works on a very thin line and any act of distrust ruins the entire career. It seems Nitin Kohli is one fine example of that distrust which the customers outpoured on the social media platform. Therefore, a lesson to all the professionals – do your best to save that trust. If trust is gone, everything is gone.