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Liferay is a website development portal that lets you build your enterprise website for free. It supports all the languages such as Java, C++, PHP, .NET and lets you customize your website according to the needs of the business. You don’t need to know to code to use this tool. You can create highly scalable websites without having to write even a single line of code. Moreover, it can integrate well with ERP and CMS software so that your websites can be integrated easily with it. You can build your websites in just 3 days with it. All you need to do is extract files and configure your tools. It has a paid version called as Enterprise edition that has over 60 Out-of-box modules for the website development.

Single Point Of Access For All Digital Business Communication
Customers get comprehensive, fast and reliable digital experiences through Liferay. Since there are many out of the box features already available in Liferay, customers can create websites and mobile applications very quickly through it. Also, there is an option to modify the content as well as the functionality of some segments as per the needs of the users. In Liferay, you don’t have to rewrite the code from scratch to customize the product behavior. It requires lesser maintenance and up-gradation issues thanks to the Hook plugins which are very easy to use. It is possible to modify the customized user actions such as properties of the portal, or portal startup or user login by using Hooks in place of extensions.

Ready To Use With Easy Customization
To suit specific requirements of businesses, Liferay has about 80 ready-to-use portlet applications that cover most of the needs of a web application. You can simply download it and get started instantly. Implementation and configuration are easier in Liferay because of its light-weight nature. Developers can add new features to their portals and customize it according to business needs by making use of plugin mechanism. Even the global financial and insurance companies, government agencies, and the Department of Defence apart from small and medium-sized companies are using Liferay thanks to the Security features in the portal.

Ease Of Use
The interface of Liferay is intuitive and easy to use. In a few clicks, you can change the layout of the page, theme as well as the look and feel. By simply dragging and dropping, you can change the position of tools and elements of the page. Its license is available as an open-source license for community edition. Technology stacks are not binding on the users. They are free to use among 60 available tools, 20 themes, and several more developer tools at no additional costs. Most common needs of the companies such as web publishing, collaboration, social networking, administration, etc are addressed by the built-in features of Liferay.

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