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My kitten site is India’s First online kittens store. My Kitten site is a non-profitable business. This business believes to provide forever homes to cats. My kitten site is an online store for all the kitten’s breeds that you need and most adorable pets. We provide you the best kitten for sale breads-like Siamese, Persian, Ragdoll, Himalayan, Bengal, Tuxedo Cat, British-Shorthair, & many more
The breeds we own are neighborly. My Kitten site provides different services like Pet Selling, Cats Grooming, Pet Accessories, Pet Food, and Cats Boarding. Cats are capable of forming intense social bonds with the human. Cats are also known as a domestic cat that is Housecat. Cat ownership has several benefits at home. Owning a cat is better for the environment it’s better to own a cat than others. Cats Fulfil your need for companionship.
All pets are committed to delivering the best quality pets at affordable prices. We always need to help all issues related to pets like Breeding, Feeding & Nutrition, Health care advice, etc. My kitten site helps right from choosing the perfect pet for you. This is the one place where you can seek for sale or buy cats online in India. Our Kittens are very friendly, well-trained, active and independent.
We are providing a variety of breeds like Siamese, Persian, Ragdoll, Himalayan, Bengals, tuxedo and British shorthair. Siamese cat is the oldest breed in the world. It’s firstly distinctly of Asia cat. Siamese cats are mostly famous for their Personality. They have beautiful blue eyes, elegant bodies with long legs and a fine, Glossy coat. They have also a high energy level, personality, and patience.
The Persian cat has a sweet and gentle nature, the Persian cat is the most popular breed of United States. They are most famous for their flat faces and round head. They have short limbs and long thick fur. And they mainly reserve their attention to family members.
Rag Doll cat has a gentle, calm and sociable. They have a large and muscular semi-longhair cat with a soft and silky coat. Ragdoll cat breed has a color point coat and blue eyes. This breed is large and powerful.
Himalayan cat is a sub-breed of long-haired cats. Himalayan cats same as Persian cat, except for its beautiful eyes and its point coloration. This cat includes its personality traits and living with one at home.
Bengal Cat is a domesticated cat breed. Bengal cat breed is an Asian Leopard cat. They are very curious and confident. Its highly intelligent breed characterized by its wild and appearances. Bengal cats are beautiful and wild looking cats. It’s famous due to its patterns and personality. It’s a truly unique breed.
Cats are generally very hygienic pets. Cat care provides the cat grooming services at its apartments. The best time to get your cat used to a cattery is while they are young. Your cat needs different requirements – for comfort, bed, diet, grooming, and playtime.