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The CCcam, what are they? If you have never heard of it, or if you are looking for explanations this post will try to clarify your ideas on everything concerning the world of best CCcam server and the differences with IPTV.

CCcam is a simulated conditional access system module in the software. It is used in freely programmable DVB receivers to decode pay-TV.

The main task of a CCcam Europe is to transfer the deciphered “control words” to a receiver register, which in turn takes over the decoding of the desired TV signal.

The decryption of control words at CCcam, done either by recovering a smart card from the service provider (externally connected), through a software emulator that emulates a smart card (internal), or through the so-called card sharing (via Internet / network of further distributed control words, originating only from a smartcard to many receivers).

How does the CCcam work?

1. You need to have an internet connection.

2. Need a decoder: The decoder is nothing more than a mini-computer with about 40-100 MB of ram and a processor of about 250 MHz. What you need, however, must mount the Linux operating system and must have the LAN port, i.e. it must be able to connect to the Wi-Fi. For a good brand, you can choose Dreambox and more precisely box E1 or E2 (or even others as long as they are Dreambox or compatible).

3. Finally, you need a router to use the Wi-Fi connection with your decoder.


1. Connect the decoder to the internet and the TV via Wi-Fi.

2. Install a newly modified firmware on the decoder called “image”. You can download it from the original site of the decoder brand.

3. Through a panel, in the decoder, you can add channels and, in addition to these, you will have to add an oscam server to be able to take advantage of shared subscriptions. There should be an option in your appliance.

4. Create a DNS (domain name server) that will serve to provide the server that hosts the sky subscription shared with our IP. Then, having identified the IP of our device, we open a door from the control panel.

5. Finally, we need to edit the file of the previously created. It is generally called: CCcam.cfg and is located in the var / etc directory.

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