Cyclonis presents its latest solution to all those forgotten and mislaid login details. Cyclonis Password Manager provides a secure and centralized location to store all your login details so you can access all your online accounts using a single master password without compromising on protection. It’s a simple and easy to use free password manager for Windows that’s also available for devices running MacOS and Android. It helps you simplify your online life in a time when the average person has more than 130 different online accounts connected to their email addresses.

Boost your online productivity and maximize security

It’s practically impossible to remember completely different login details for more than a hundred online accounts. This fact has led people to develop poor security habits, such as reusing the same password for everything. In this case, you end up with many single points of failure – if someone gets access to one account, they will be able to access everything. With a free password manager for Windows, you only have to remember one password, so there’s nothing stopping you from bolstering the security of each online account you use. This saves time, boosts productivity and helps eliminate this common disruption to your workflow. To ensure your passwords are kept safe, the repository of login details is stored in a digital vault with AES 256-bit encryption. To make things easier, you can also add Cyclonis Password Manager to your browsers. The app supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

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