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Nanosoft is proud to announce the launch of nanoCAD Plus 11, which is now available to anyone who wants to join the beta-testing program. This all-new edition features many important updates and new functions to increase productivity and streamline workflows. The undo-redo functionality has been improved, performance optimized, and many new commands have been added to the various objects to offer a wider range of ways to work.

What is nanoCAD Plus?

nanoCAD Plus presents a welcome deviation from the world of costly premium computer aided design software. It’s available as a subscription package to provide greater visibility into long-term costs and ensure that your software is always the most current version. Despite being an affordable alternative to better-known CAD solutions, nanoCAD Plus makes no compromise on features and functionality.

It includes full native support for the industry-standard DWG format used by AutoCAD and most industry professionals. It also provides dynamic input to add a new level of design and drafting, and it supports command line data input for improved accuracy and ease of use. If you’re looking for a solution that offers a professional level of functionality combined with an unbeatable total cost of ownership, then you won’t be disappointed.

nanoCAD Plus is the baseline nanoCAD experience designed for beginners and industry professionals alike. Specialized editions have also been developed for mechanics, construction, and 3D scanning and printing. Visit to get started with your free trial today.

About Nanosoft

Since 2008 Nanosoft has offered innovative development methods and software distribution. Nanosoft is focused on the creation of cost-effective CAD software solutions. Nanosoft provide the ideal vehicle for the mass upgrade from the use of unlicensed CAD software to the use of legitimate dwg-based software. We do our best to minimize any transfer effects experienced by our customers. That is why one of the main goals of our development is free CAD software products.