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Maiar is a web browser with a difference. It presents one of the world’s first truly privacy-focused browsing experiences without having to resort to using the dark web or installing a load of questionable addons in your regular browser. Instead, it features security and privacy by design and default; guiding principles behind the development of this one-of-a-kind solution. On top of that, it eliminates ads by default to give you a much faster browsing experience, particularly with online magazines and other ad-heavy websites.

Supercharge your productivity without worrying about security

On one hand, the internet is vital in many of today’s job, and it’s a key enabler of getting work done. On the other, there are distractions all over the place in the online world, most of them coming from ads. By disabling all the major ad networks by default, Maiar lets you stay focused on the content you want. Without having ads consuming your bandwidth, websites will load faster and become more responsive. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about ads tracking your online activities, such as browsing patterns and locations.

Why do I need Maiar?

It’s easy to be alarmed by just how much the internet seems to know about you. From knowing your approximate location to the sort of things you like to buy, so-called smart advertising has ruined many gift ideas, lead to countless embarrassing situations and worse. If you want to do away with obtrusive, privacy-invading online ads for good, then try out Maiar today at .

About Elrond Ltd

Elrond Ltd provides a highly scalable, next generation blockchain platform – Elrond – a complete rethinking of public blockchain architecture. Especially designed to maintain a sufficiently decentralized setting, it brings a 1000x overall improvement by being efficient and secure. To achieve this we introduce a novel Adaptive State Sharding mechanism, enabling linear scalability as more nodes join the network by parallelizing transaction processing. On a consensus level we propose a novel mechanism called Secure Proof of Stake, offering a random selection of the consensus group, stake plus rating as a fitness function for sybil attack prevention, and near-instant finality based on pBFT. To enable decentralized applications we design Elrond to be EVM and Ewasm compliant, supporting multiple smart contract languages and formal verification. Elrond empowers a higher level of social scalability through sovereign digital ownership, data privacy, unstoppable censorship-resistant applications, novel digital economies and governance models. Elrond’s developer-friendly design is based on the following fundamentals: trustless network for value transfer, privacy safeguarding, facilitation of new business models (removes the middleman and inefficiencies), along with the development of secure and decentralized applications.