With the VR PluraView monitor, the term “3D-CAD” is now given a completely new value for CAx, Design & Design: The innovative VR system makes working in virtual reality environments as well as stereoscopic visualization in construction and design a reality.

The new VR PluraView (https://www.3d-pluraview.com/en/virtual-reality-en) is a passive virtual reality stereo monitor. As a full-fledged VR / AR desktop system, it is based on the successful 3D PluraView monitor from Schneider Digital. The proven, flicker-free beam splitter technology allows the user – even over a longer period – a fatigue-free VR working. Equipped with a high-tech tracking system, the VR PluraView now allows interaction with 3D stereo models and content across all axes. Zoom, rotate and incline without a mouse, either via head tracking and / or using tracking-balls or a 3D pen.

Virtual reality and 3D stereo (https://www.3d-pluraview.com/en/) in the CAD environment
The integrated infrared tracking system of the PluraView plunger allows the user to “virtually” immerse themselves in the 3D environment. 3D models become “reality”, similar to HMD or VR glasses. By head tracking with the tracking-balls and / or the tracking pen, the user moves the model intuitively over head and hand movements. The use of a CAD mouse or other 3D input devices is thereby completely eliminated. Large, retroreflective markers enable reliable detection by the IR cameras, allowing fluid movement in the virtual space when looking at models in perspective. The big advantage of beam splitter technology: in contrast to active 3D systems with “flickering” glasses, the VR PluraView guarantees an absolutely flicker-free stereo image. So not only short-term visualizations or presentations are possible, but also permanent work in the VR environment. The brilliant display quality with up to 10bit color depth, 4K resolution per eye and highest display brightness also enables comfortable VR work even in daylight environment.

Ideal supplement when using HMD and VR glasses
Due to its design, the VR PluraView is a very good complement to VR glasses. Thus, for example, a model or a construction in virtual space can be impressively presented using VR glasses, but the further CAD editing and optimization is done on the one passive VR monitor. Who wants to spend all day sweating and shielded from the outside world behind a heavy VR glasses? Working with the VR PluraView is much more pleasant. Especially because he only requires a slight polarizer glasses.

VR PluraView CAD-Compatibility
VR PluraView monitors can be plug & play with many CAD systems. Software solutions such as Siemens NX, Catia, HiCAD or Kompas-3D are native stereophonic and can be used directly with the VR PluraView monitors. Other CAD systems have stereoscopic file viewers, such as CreoView for PTC Creo data or eDrawings for SolidWorks. NavisWorks can be used to spatially display AutoCAD and Inventor data.

VR PluraView compatible CAD software applications:

-Siemens NX CAD
-Kompas 3D – ASCON-Group
-HiCAD – ISD Software and Systems GmbH
-Catia Software Suite
-PTC CreoView mit CreoView
-SolidWorks with eDrawings
-AutoCAD and Inventor with NavisWorks

Highlights of the VR PluraView monitors:

-Head tracking via glasses with markers for intuitive VR working
-Interaction via tracking balls and / or tracking pen
-CAD mouse and stationary input devices are superfluous through head tracking and gesture control
-The comfortable 3D glasses with the wide field of view and low weight also allow unhindered communication with customers and colleagues during the VR session
-Virtual reality in the highest display quality with 4K resolution per eye
-Flicker-free passive stereo system with beam splitter technology
-High brightness VR work in daylight environment
-Compatible with any VR software – without tracking to many CAD programs
-Ideal supplement to HMD & VR glasses