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The team of marine insurance specialists provides comprehensive marine insurance products to shipping and logistics companies in and out of the country.

[LONDON, 01/08/2019] – The MECO Group provides branded marine insurance products to the global shipping and logistics market. The team of marine insurance specialists works with first-class institutions, including Munich RE and Lloyd’s Underwriters, to deliver outstanding financial security.

A Selection of Marine Insurance Products

The MECO Group’s priority is to provide reliable service and financial security to their clients. Over 40 years of tradition and experience, the company now offers quality insurance products from different brands.

Clients from the marine industry can choose from the following insurance:

• Transmarine Trade Disruption Policy – this insurance enables business owners to receive compensation for time lost in case their ship got involved in an incident that has a direct impact on their business. The MECO Group caters to clients of all sizes, including multi-national cargo vessel management companies and inland cruise operators.

• The Charterers P&I Club – this insurance is exclusive for charterers, covering them against different risks, like contractual indemnities and liabilities typical in their job.

• Carina P&I – this insurance caters to owners of small ships and provides a policy with coverage of up to $500 million. The MECO Group covers vessels that trade internationally, domestically or on inland waterways.

• MECO Marine – this provides insurance products to clients engaged in maritime trade and transport. The MECO Group offers covers for shippers and receivers. The company also has comprehensive insurance products for terminal operators and companies that operate as Non-Vessel Owning Common Carrier (NVOCC).

• True North – this helps clients with contract preparation as well as the management of problems or disputes that may arise. The MECO Group has an in-house team of 14 legally qualified shipping experts.

Serving the Maritime Industry Internationally

The MECO Group has a team of reputable and knowledgeable marine insurers across the globe. The company has three regional hubs in London, Shanghai and Dubai. Clients will enjoy the benefits of innovative insurance products with first-rate security.
The team also helps clients identify and manage risk more effectively.

About the MECO Group

The MECO Group is a global team of marine insurance specialists that has been serving clients for more than 40 years. The company derives its name from Michael Else and Company Ltd., which is an insurance Managing General Agent (MGA) approved and UK Financial Conduct Authority regulated.

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