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90% of paid fiverr and Freelance web traffic are fake… How is that for an ice breaker? In this article I will tell you how to buy quality paid traffic. Many times, new website owners go out to purchase cheap traffic for their website or in some circumstances, you may just want to increase your traffic immediately to boost a new product, blog, etc. But at the end most people see little to no results. That’s because most people on these Freelance sites are not even digital marketers, and honestly anyone can sign up with no experience whatsoever, some are resellers that buy traffic on wholesale and send you fake bot traffic by simply running a software like Traffic Demon. How to spot these fake gigs? Most keep the general idea and even most of the text is copied word for word from other wholesalers’ profiles with numerous spelling errors and severe grammatical mistakes indicative of bad translation from another language. Most don’t have a website and if they do, the site designs are also flawed, like a missing purchase confirmation page. Many sites don’t even list an email address, but instead have a form to fill out and submit questions to them with. No customer Support for their service. A bad means of communication and is used to hide the company’s real email address. So, to save you the hassle I will share to increase real human traffic. Yes, you can buy legit affordable traffic on freelance sites like fiverr, To buy fast and immediate traffic, most people will advise you to go to google or one of the other alternative but for this you may need to know how to use google AdWords first, there are excellent e-books on this subject, but to save you time and money leonkey Digital Marketing Experts does this for you. Most webmasters outsource this type of work to experts in that field, even web guru Neil Patel is on record for outsourcing and paying over 100k a month to generate traffic to his sites. leonkey is a Digital Marketing Agency based out of Jacksonville FL is rated 5 stars on fiverr, not only are they on record for sending traffic that if 100% Human and AdSense safe but they also cover all your digital marketing needs. For more visit